Thank you to all who made youth fair possible

To the editor:

The Mifflin County Youth Fair and Open Show is now complete. I want to thank all who participated in, or attended the 2018 fair. The fair is truly a community effort. We will spend the next 11 months planning the 2019 fair.

This year’s fair went fairly smoothly and clean-up went extremely well. If it were not for the people that participated in it and those who volunteer their time it would not be so.

The volunteers work overtime to get things done and the 4-H and FFA kids and their parents pitch right in and help with whatever we are trying to do.

We have some of the best people in the world here and I cannot thank them enough. I would mention names but I know I would miss some. I want to say thank you all, parents, kids, business sponsors, vendors and everyone else who makes our fair go.

Thank you and I will see you next year at the fair.

Darvin Yoder

President, Mifflin County Youth Fair and Open Show


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