Thank you for support of Milroy Fire Co. festival

To the editor:

Milroy Fire Company would like to say thank you to everyone who came out and supported us during our summer festival. We look forward to doing this for the community each year. It’s a great time of fellowship and fun.

Special thanks goes out to Gravy Train Express in Strodes Mills for letting us borrow two tractor-trailer beds for the entertainment, B&R Farm Equipment for donating the tractor for our tractor/hayride and Pete and Wes Fultz for letting us borrow bales of straw for the hayride. To everyone who donated to our cake wheel or for anything else, we couldn’t have done it without you and we are truly grateful.

The festival was a huge success due to everyone supporting us and coming out. We at the Milroy Fire Company strive to serve and protect our communities in Armagh and Brown townships in times of need. Without our community support, we could not make this happen, so once again thank you to everyone.

The following are the winners of our Rolling of the Balls on Saturday night:

First place-Steve Bitner, second place-Jim Rhodes, third place-Tim Barner.

The meat and grocery raffle winners are:

$250 gift certificate to Ron’s Fruit Market-Melanie Tedeschi

$125 gift certificate to Wilson’s Meats-Chris Caldwell

$75 gift certificate to Wilson’s Meats-Carol Goss

$50 gift certificate to Ron’s Fruit Market-Dale Wray

$25 gift certificate to Sharp Shopper-LeRoy Goss

$25 gift certificate to Sharp Shopper-Dan Musser

If we missed thanking anybody, it was truly not intentional. We are appreciative of everything.

I, myself, would also like to thank everyone from the company that spent many hours helping to get things ready, picking things up, working the stands, etc. I would love to list everyone, but I know if I try to do that, I will surely miss someone. Just know that we are family here at Milroy and work to get things done together for the good of the company.

Kim Orndorf

Festival Chair

Milroy Fire Company