Response from Marino’s office is disappointing

To the editor:

I am very disappointed by Rep. Tom Marino. I want to know what his views on defunding Planned Parenthood are and I want to know how he feels about Jeff Sessions. Specifically, I want to know if Tom Marino knows the definition of sexual assault, because Jeff Sessions does not. I have called Marino’s Washington office every day for a week now and each time the staff member cannot tell me what his views are and although they have said his views will be posted on his Facebook page, they have yet to be posted. This is very frustrating.

I should not be made to feel like my (legitimate) concerns and questions are an inconvenience to the person who represents me in Congress. Maybe Tom Marino won’t be affected by Planned Parenthood being defunded. Maybe Tom Marino was not sexually assaulted. Maybe he’s not afraid of being sexually assaulted again. But that does not mean that the people he represents are not affected or scared. He is not just representing himself. He is representing everyone who lives in his district, and we should all know what his views are. As a taxpayer and someone who lives in his district, my questions and concerns should be taken seriously. He and his office need to do better.

Elizabeth S. Book

Port Royal


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