Reading the paper brings back fond memories

To the editor:

I wanted to thank The Sentinel and the great weekend edition that many times I read all at one sitting, rather than watch on TV, over and over the bad news bombarded with commercials. Now, I know that commercials and ads keep you going. But on TV, half or more are boasting and spending millions to capture our attention. So, I keep my finger on the mute button.

Saturday’s religion section, Jan. 7, caught my attention. The picture and article of the pope and St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican takes me back to 1959. (I was in such a crowd) and saw the pope (whoever he was then) give his blessing (from a platform above) on hundreds, maybe millions since then.

Those were the days I treasure, before abortion rights and gay marriage and many other things (that God calls sin) are invading Christian values today.

Where are the Billy Grahams of 1959?

Though I’m not a Catholic, may all who speak out against the wickedness of our nation and the world stand up for the truth and righteousness and take the platform and speak out for God the creator and sustainer of all.

So, blessings on Julianne and all who contribute to the religion section, sports and (what I call) the funnies — The Family Circus (for a good laugh), Peanuts, Charlie Brown (the conservative), Lucy (the radical), Linus (the peacemaker), Snoopy (the head beagle) and Beetle Bailey (a must read) and others.

Thanks again to all at The (Lewistown) Sentinel and those who deliver the paper on these cold winter days.

Lawrence Fronk



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