Hollywood liberals’ rants are growing tiresome

To the editor:

Recently at the Golden Globe Awards Meryl Streep went on a tirade and was talking about how she was so upset with Donald Trump and all of us who voted for him resulting in his election as president of the United States. She is not the only one in Hollywood to have done this.

To tell you the truth, I, for one, am tired at all those liberal nuts constantly disparaging everyone who just doesn’t see things the same way they do. I have a question for you. Who died and left you people in charge? As a matter of fact, I think that the last election settled that we don’t like your concepts and we want something different.

If you liberal Hollywood types are so upset with us “deplorables who voted for Donald Trump,” why don’t you teach us a lesson and go on strike?

For the next four or eight years, stop making any movies for us to pay to see. I’ll bet that if the only people making films in Hollywood were conservatives, the quality of the movies, especially the content, would go up about 10,000 percent.

Stephen Sellers



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