Funny how ‘one-time expenses’ rarely are

To the editor:

The state of Pennsylvania is closing prisons to save money and reflect less need while Mifflin County has a major tax increase to — wait for it — spend on prisons.

Supposedly a one-time thing but we have all been there and know how that goes. There is always something in the greater Lewistown area that needs our money.

Meanwhile, property owners throughout the county, many of us retired and on fixed incomes, will continue to pay until we must sell the property to keep those bills paid.

Or the county could temporarily cut back a bit in other areas since it is just a “one-time expense.” Or could they eliminate an expense or even (gasp!) an employee? Temporarily, of course.

I suspect they have already eliminated most peripherals such as libraries, senior citizens centers, and even schools outside the greater Lewistown area.

Perhaps I should not complain since I do not attend their meetings. It is not easy to do. But when did they last hold a meeting here? Or in Belltown? Or Shindle? Or Ryde? Too hard to organize. OK, when did the buses last run on a schedule? Heh, that one is a zinger. For a hint, wifey rode it to the Viscose.

Glenn Berryman



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