Historical Society grateful for help with calendar

To the editor:

The Mifflin County Historical Society would like to say “Thank you” to our many community patrons for helping us produce the 2017 Picture the Past calendar. Every year the calendar features vintage photos from the historical society archives, as well as rare, unpublished photographs shared by individuals.

The Mifflin County School District has permitted us to distribute calendars to all fourth-grade students in the school district. Calendars are also distributed to several of Mifflin County’s private school fourth graders as well. Picture the Past calendars help recall our varied and interesting heritage to these young learners. This year’s distribution will allow the historical society to share Mifflin County’s unique history with almost 700 area students and their families.

We would like to thank Mr. James Estep, Mifflin County School District Superintendent, for his cooperation and support of the calendar project. Our thanks is also extended to the many teachers who have or will distribute calendars to each of their students, as well as utilize the calendars as a teaching tool in classrooms across the county.

The generosity and support of our patrons in defraying printing costs has allowed the historical society to proceed with this project at no expense to the students or schools. Since the program began in 2001, over 7,500 students across Mifflin County have received calendars.

The Mifflin County Historical Society thanks these individuals and businesses for supporting the 2017 Picture the Past calendar project:

2017 individual calendar patrons: Lola H. Kearns; Bob and Helen Rager; Harvey C. and Jacqueline Eckert; Vesta Aurand; Mary N. Brunner; Willard C. Shannk; Helen and Bob Ingram; Jean and John Laughlin; Fran Mackneer; Katherine Costa; Gene and Mary Hughes; Andy and Carrie Thierwechter; Robyn K. Mertz; Ray C. and Barbara H. Allison; Ray and Barbara H. Allisonck; William and Claudette Satzler; Cathy and Dan McClanahen    ; Stephen and Darlene Rynkewitz Jr.; Bill and Brenda Peightel; Bill and Pam Logan; Betty Ann Maxwell; Mary Lou Sunderland;     Nancy Aurand; Bill and Karen Aurand; Matthew, Saundra and Isaac Aurand; Kristin, Steve, Abby and Ben Heverley.

2017 business calendar patrons: Esh’s Orchard; Barb Stringer, Register and Recorder; Bushmen Landscaping; Bushman @ Home; Frank Berrier; Bear Springs Manufacturing; Miller’s Plumbing & Heating; Northwest Consumer Discount Company; Frey Motors; Deihl’s Flowers; Naylor & Associates; Kish Bank; Northwest Consumer Discount; Honey Creek Inn; Snedeker Energy; One-Stop Communications; Mifflin County Recorder of Deeds, Barbara Stringer; Logan House; Burnham OIP; Westside Gallery; Fisher Graphics; Henderson Funeral Home; Steve Palm; Common Ground; Trolley Car; Kish Printing; JVB; MCS Bank; Steve and Kelli Edmiston; Molly Maid; Carrol “Sis” Norton; David D. Borland; Thomas and Nancy Kauffman; Bob and Jean Patton; Dot and Forest Fisher; In Memory of Henry and Anne Fisher.

Forest K. Fisher

Karen L. Aurand

Laura Shope

Mifflin County Historical

Society Calendar Committee


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