No matter who wins, put your faith in the lamb

To the editor:

Trigger warning: The following opinion may offend some and cause some distress. It may make some of you re-evaluate yourselves.

We have less than two weeks to go until Election Day. It’s almost over! As we all know this process does not bring out the best in people’s behavior. People will make up all kinds of reasons to justify their behavior and speech. It would be comical if it wasn’t so shameful.

Meanwhile as we are being distracted, Vladimir Putin is reviving the Cold War and Europe is being overrun by refugees, not to mention the horrible bloodshed in the Middle East.

It’s interesting though. With all of the election noise coming from the mainstream media, there are voices of reason filtering through. That’s if you are listening and have a discerning mind.

I heard this interesting comment while listening to an internet radio station. To paraphrase the host’s comment: “It’s amazing that people will put their faith in a donkey or an elephant when they should be putting their faith in the lamb.”

If you don’t know who the lamb is, consult the New Testament of the Christian Bible .

The following might be a bit hypothetical but then again is a possibility.

Imagine you settle in during the evening of election night. You’re watching your favorite news propaganda channel hosted by a multimillionaire talking head. As the latest breaking news of he said, she said flashes across the screen, the TV goes blank.

That annoying screeching sound from the Emergency Alert System breaks in. It alerts you that you have less than 30 minutes for you and your family to take shelter because the Cold War just went hot. Who are you going to have faith in now? Scary thought.

In all reality, as most, I will be voting for the candidate of my choice. Then I’ll be watching the results later that evening.

But no matter who wins the election for president, I’m putting my faith in the lamb. What about you?

Jeffrey Baugmardner



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