Transgender bathroom issue is Obama’s creation

To the editor:

Assume Obama’s transgender issue for public school restrooms and shower room facilities is legitimate. The rest room issue: Men’s and women’s restrooms have private stalls with locks. That puts restroom privacy to rest. Next the shower room issue: If schools adopt a “no showers at school” policy as did a junior high school and one high school in eastern Pennsylvania – end of the transgender shower issue!

I would like to see a proclaimed transgender student, certified by a psychologist, psychiatrist or medical doctor, be declared “transgender.” If the “no showers at school” policy was not adopted, schools could assign a period when a shower room was completely idle and dedicate shower time to transgenders. Would anyone wager that transgenderism would hit an all time low or disappear with this plan – why?

The era of celebrities declaring themselves transgender fostered a period when young innocents, easily enamored by celebrities, played copy cat to make a statement that they were in accordance with their views, or, to be in fashion and vogue. There are other explanations that give food for thought: Are you aware that more males than females feel comfortable showering with the opposite sex? Is it possible that transgenderism runs rampant in males?

An recently stated ecumenical view was that God assigned sexual organs to the fetus and man should not decide what he should have done. This you must decide.

Obama has elevated climate warming to a national cult, reaching international status. I sincerely believe this lame-duck ruler is attempting to establish a transgender cult. I don’t believe the transgender cult is synonymous with the climate warming cult. There is some evidence, however minuscule, of the validity of the former and should not be elevated to the height of the latter.

Obama has finally taken a giant step away from reality, blackmailing schools to institute his proposed bathroom laws. When this little (I don’t mean stature) man mandated these illegal transgender proposals for public schools it was probably his usual “create a disturbance, give the low-information voters something to make them unaware of a cataclysmic ruling I am about to make.”

Consequences he didn’t anticipate with his bathroom bellowing are fostering more charter and private state run schools immune to Common Core and government educational dictates, and the demise of the Department of Education. Oh happy day!

Charles E. Deibert



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