May was motorcycle awareness, safety month

To the editor:

May was motorcycle awareness and safety month and many motorcyclists and organizations put forth effort to make the public aware of it.

Many people, when they hear of or think of ABATE of Pa., they think of us as “the helmet law people.” While we did put a lot of effort into modifying Pa.’s helmet law to give experienced adult riders the freedom to make their own decisions, we spend great amounts of time and effort trying to make the highways safer for all users.

Among our many successes is the Motorcycle Rider Program offered by a PennDOT contractor that is often held as a great program by which other states measure their own training programs.

We also offer Operation Save a Life where we motorcycle riders meet with non-motorcycle rider groups to educate them about sharing the road with motorcycles. Several times throughout May, several different motorcycle organizations had public demonstrations of these programs in our area and we applaud and thank you for covering them truthfully and in places where the public was informed on The Sentinel pages.

Lauren Kershner’s well-written and very accurate article on the front page was very appreciated and highly-regarded by all who read it. As could be seen no matter what group you belong to – ABATE, Fallen Riders’ Foundation, Touring Friends or even those who belong to no group, yet enjoy motorcycling – we all want to ensure the highways and roads are safe for all so we may return home to our loved ones after a ride.

Thank you and our hats are off to you.

Patriot Riders, chapter 53 ABATE of Pa.


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