Thank you to those who helped at difficult time

To the editor:

A person never knows when something terrible enters into their lives or who all responds to help when you need them the most whether you know them or not. My husband, James I. Wileman Sr., took it upon himself to look for a deer that had been struck by a vehicle. He couldn’t see wasting the deer. He collasped and became unresponsive in the small wooded area near Routes 103 and 333.

There were two gentlemen who stopped to help find it when they were put in the middle of a situation turned bad. With calm heads they assisted with the rescue of my husband. This is where my family’s lives were changed forever.

I would like to thank all those individuals who have helped with and supported my family with kind words, cards, flowers and memorial contributions. Without your help my family would not be as strong as we are today. I would like to thank those who responded to the emergency call. They are Scott Beers, who encouraged me to continue CPR while he co-ordinated the rescue, Randy Haubrick for escorting me to the hospital and stayed with me until the family arrived and Vicki Esterline for comforting me and my family and helping make arrangements for organ donation.

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors of Hawstone, Jane Middaugh, John Foltz, Baggers Ink, Vietnam Veterans of America, Walter Horning III, P. Lewis, Granville Township Fire Police, Junction Fire Co., Fame EMS, Association of Vietnam Veterans of America, Kaitlyn Haubrick, Trinity Plastics, Mifflin County Forest Fire Fighters, Hoenstine Funeral Home and any others who I have forgotten to mention.

Thank you all from my family and bless each and everyone of you.

Virginia P. Wileman



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