Thank you for honoring America’s veterans

To the editor:

On behalf of all United States veterans, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the W & L Sales Company, its owners Steven and Susan Symons and fellow workers, especially Peggy Nies. This thoughtful company extended a “Memorial Day” gift to all veterans and their families by offering a free afternoon of baseball at the Harrisburg Senators baseball park on May 22.

This generosity extended to admission to the picnic area, where free food and drink were available to the veterans and families, and a souvenir glass with the branch of service imprinted on it. The owners were there, giving of their time in processing the tickets and welcoming the veterans to the game.

This fifth-time endeavor included over 400 veterans and their families, and the Symons intend to keep this as an annual event during the Memorial Day holiday. This family owned business is located in Harrisburg and has been serving the community with excellent merchandise and service since 1933. Although I live in Juniata County, I have used their services whenever possible.

Again, as a U.S. Army veteran and a member of the Juniata County Veterans Council, I am very thankful to those who show their appreciation to all United States veterans. May God bless you and keep you in his thoughts, as I will do.

R. Edward Rozell



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