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Voting for Trump would shame our forefathers

To the editor:

I believe our forefathers and mothers are turning over in their graves at seeing us vote for a person like Trump. He is a blowhard rich kid thumbing his nose at everyone.

Our ancestors sacrificed over many years to give us a country to be proud of and we are letting them down with the candidates we have been asked to vote for.

We have been lax in recent years in our government. We better get our noses out of the ipods, the Facebook and all the other electronic gadgets.

In the CEV Bible it has these wise words. It says, “Here is what happens to fools and to those who trust in the word of fools: They are like sheep with death as their shepherd leading them to the grave.” – Psalm 49:13

Geraldine Miller


If Hueslkamp is telling truth, he should be saint

To the editor:

Chris Wallace was interviewing Rep. Tim Hueslkamp, a Republican from Kansas. who said he will not let his 14-year-old son listen to Donald Trump because of his language.

What movies does this son go to and what music, videos, and rap artists does he listen to? If Hueslkamp is able to keep this 14-year-old from all the trash and filth so common today among our youth, he should be nominated for sainthood!

Connie Solano

Pearce, Arizona

formerly of Mifflin County

God, not man, will write final chapter of history

To the editor:

I don’t believe any world leader will write the last chapter of history – God will write it. I believe…that there is a destiny for the human race far beyond anything we can dream. But it will be God’s Kingdom and will come in God’s way.

“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Matthew 6:33

Alma Griffith



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