Thank you, commissioners, for commitment to library

To the editor:

Thank you Commissioners Sunderland, Riden and Kodish!

The Board of Directors, Staff and Friends of the Mifflin County Library very much appreciate your support during the past three years; especially your decision at the Dec. 17 meeting to advance our 2016 first quarter allocation so we could remain operational while the state budget impasse continues. Your vote will allow us to be open until Feb. 5, 2016. Hopefully, by then, the governor and legislature will have resolved their differences.

Your steadfast endorsement certainly demonstrates your commitment to libraries, life-long learning, and reading. We also realize the library is not the only beneficiary of your willingness to ensure uninterrupted services to residents of Mifflin County. We applaud your caring decisions that put people and services first.

Dr. Molly S. Kinney

Director, Mifflin County Library


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