District attorney bids farewell as term comes to its conclusion

To the editor:

One of the finest offices the voters can give to a member of the legal profession in this Commonwealth is that of district attorney. Its very status becomes a mantle of respect to its wearer. No one except the judge himself is under a stricter obligation to see that every defendant receives a fair trial.

It was an honor and a great conclusion to my law career to be Mifflin County’s chief prosecutor and law enforcement officer. I thank the voters for the trust they placed in me and I tried to live up to that trust. I am a believer in term limits and said I would only serve one term. That is what I did.

While it is true that I am retiring from work as I’ve known it with the regular work days and long hours, I am not retiring from life. I fully intend to go on living. There will be time with my wife, my family, travel and camp. I call that living.

While I look forward to the opportunities retirement will bring me, it still saddens me a bit. I will miss the many personal and professional relationships that I have developed over 41 years in the law business. I know it will be difficult to just stop working, having looked at my social security record and saw that I started work when I was 11 and had a job in one form or another for 57 years. That in itself makes me feel that I finally deserve a rest.

I may continue teaching law and criminal justice courses part-time at South Hills here in Lewistown so I don’t drive my wife crazy. The change will take some getting used to, but I look forward to it.

I want to thank those people who placed their trust in me to be their attorney over those many years and who trusted me to perform the job of district attorney of Mifflin County. Many thanks, and see you around Mifflin County.

Dave Molek