Rule should be changed

Last spring, a marker was placed at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Washington County honoring Dennis Krisfalusy, an Air Force veteran who was killed with his wife, Lois, in a devastating earthquake that hit Mexico City in 1985.

The only problem for Krisfalusy’s family, though, is that Lois’ name could not be placed on the stone because of a federal rule that does not allow the names of eligible spouses or dependent children to be added to a headstone or marker if they died before 1998 or after last October.

But Guy Reschenthaler and Chris Deluzio are among two Pennsylvania congressmen who have introduced the Dennis and Lois Krisfalusy Act, which would have the Department of Veterans Affairs provide a headstone or marker in a national cemetery for a dependent child or spouse of a veteran regardless of when they died.

Reschenthaler said, “I am honored to introduce this commonsense legislation that cuts bureaucratic red tape for families like the Krisfalusys and ensures we provide the utmost support for those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.”

— Uniontown Herald-Standard


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