Celebrate our nation’s birthday responsibly

The best way to celebrate a birthday is with a party, and America’s birthday is no different.

Many of us will gather today with friends and family to have a cookout, perhaps take in – or play – a baseball game and, once darkness falls, enjoy some fireworks, whether at home or at a professional show.

It’s a time to celebrate the 246th anniversary of the birth of our country, but some, unfortunately will take the celebration too far.

We implore those of you setting off your own pyrotechnics to do so responsibly and legally. We also hope that no one will make the extraordinarily selfish and dangerous choice to drive after drinking alcohol.

Independence Day, like all holidays, is supposed to be a fun and festive occasion. Doing something irresponsible can ruin a holiday for you and yours for life by associating it with a tragedy forever.

America’s birthday is a day for everyone to celebrate. We hope each of you do so safely.


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