Parents need to be mindful not to leave children inside cars during hot weather

A 3-month-old baby was found dead in a vehicle in western Pennsylvania last week after being left there for three hours during a brutally hot afternoon.

Authorities are investigating the incident, but children being left in hot cars accidentally is something that does, in fact, happen.

On average, close to 40 children die in America every year when they are left in hot vehicles, according to the National Safety Council.

In many cases, their parents aren’t committing conscious acts of negligence, merely being absent-minded as they multitask throughout busy days.

However, there are ways that parents can be reminded that they have children in vehicles. There are apps that can remind parents that children are in their vehicles.

Also, major automakers have said that they will place reminder systems in vehicles by 2025.

Children dying in hot cars is, thankfully, not all that common, and we hope that these devices will make these incidents even less so.


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