Go vote today if you’re eligible and may the best candidates win

Congratulations are in order, for we have all made it to primary election day (and with it, the end of the seemingly endless onslaught of political ads, at least until the fall).

And while it’s true that no one officially gets elected to anything today, it does set the stage by naming the major contenders to win offices such as governor, senator or state representative in November.

The primaries can be tricky to navigate, mainly because in Pennsylvania only people registered as Republicans can vote in the Republican primary and only people registered as Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary. It’s also tricky because it’s likely you at least agree somewhat with more than one candidate, especially in some of the crowded fields on the Republican side.

But the important thing for you to do is to go vote if you are permitted to do so under the rules.

Presumably, most Republicans want a Republican to win the general election and most Democrats want a Democrat to win in the fall. The primary election is key because for that victory to happen in the general election, a candidate with appeal to people outside the party — at least compared with his or her opponent from the other side — is necessary.

No matter who prevails, we expect the parties to rally around their candidate and do whatever they can to push them to victory. It’s part of what makes democracy work.

But for it to work, we must participate. So, please go vote if you’re eligible to do so and make sure your voice is heard regarding who will represent your party this fall.

And may the best candidates win.


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