It’s time everyone realizes that our health should not be politicized

We were pleased to hear the news that broke Thursday that the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled to stop the Biden Administration from enacting the heavy-handed COVID-19 vaccine mandate on employees at businesses with at least 100 workers.

As noble as wanting to give people a reason to protect themselves from severe infection by getting a vaccine may be, strong-arming them into doing it by threatening their ability to work and provide for their families and making an already-difficult labor market even more so for businesses that have had to deal with so many challenges caused by the persistent pandemic isn’t the way to achieve that.

As much as we believe in the effectiveness of vaccines and the still-developing scientific understanding we use to make them better and more able to deal with changing circumstances with the virus, we also believe in personal choice.

We believe that something like this should be a decision you make, not a chore you must complete.

We are well aware there are many people in the conservative media world who have decided it is in their own (or their political) best interest to not just talk about freedom, but outright sow doubt about the vaccines, all while most of them hide the fact they received the shots long ago.

But we urge so many of you who are hesitant about the whole process to follow the lead of former President Donald Trump — under whose leadership the vaccines were developed in record time — and get your series of shots including recommended boosters.

We also want to commend Trump for calling out cowardly politicians and leaders who refuse to do the right thing and urge their constituents to choose vaccination.

As Americans, we all deserve the right to choose what medical treatments we receive. But we also think that if most people keep an open mind and can weigh the real unbiased facts provided by real unbiased medical experts like your doctor, they’ll see the benefits and choose to be protected.

Our health shouldn’t be politicized. It’s time both our current president and those who seek to sabotage him start acting like it.


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