Terrorists will never destroy American ideals

It was 20 years ago today — on Sept. 11, 2001 — that terrorists attacked us.

They attacked us because of what we stand for. They attacked us to try and force us to conform to what they believe is right. They attacked us to try to make us seem vulnerable to the rest of the world.

And while the attack killed thousands, destroyed buildings and scarred Americans, it was not a successful one.

For the attackers wanted to destroy our nation. They wanted to begin the collapse of America.

But they failed.

They failed because Americans are resilient. They failed because Americans are proud. They failed because while Americans may bicker with one another, they rally together when America is truly threatened.

What the terrorists didn’t realize then and what our enemies don’t realize now is that America was founded on an ideal — the ideal of liberty. And while property may be damaged and lives may be taken, that ideal cannot be destroyed.

Because of that, America will endure, just as it always has.

Today, we pause to remember the lives that were lost and the families who continue to mourn to this day.

But, we also remember what America stands for and why the attackers tried to take that away 20 years ago.

May God continue to bless this wonderful nation.


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