Slow down when driving through construction zones

It’s hard to drive very far in Pennsylvania without encountering those orange signs and barrels or even flaggers directing traffic. And while it’s undoubtedly frustrating to have to make your way through a construction zone when all you want to do is get where you’re going, speeding through to save a few seconds or minutes on your trip is not the answer.

First of all, where there are construction zones, there are usually construction workers. Each of those people are just like you. They have spouses, kids, parents and friends who care about them and may even count on them. In their spare time, they may be volunteers or coaches or someone else making a positive impact in their community. And, like you, they want to be able to go home to their family when their work shift ends.

When someone drives too quickly through an active work zone, the chances that someone gets injured or killed by being struck with a car go up exponentially.

In fact, the Federal Highway Administration estimates nearly 50,000 people in the U.S. are killed every year in highway work zones.

Even if you’re coldly not concerned about worker safety, another reason to slow down when seeing orange is the very vehicle you’re driving.

Speed limits are lower in construction zones not only for the workers, but because of hazardous conditions that may exist within the work zone as well. Guide rails are often missing or under construction, parts of the roadway may not have been finished, pavement may be unmarked and construction vehicles may be moving about the area. A collision with any one of these things could lead to a crash that could damage or disable your vehicle, if not injure or kill you.

We’re all human and mistakes will sometimes be made. We all want to get where we’re going as soon as possible.

But racing through work zones is dangerous to drivers and workers alike.

We hope the next time you come upon road work, you’ll think twice before speeding past those orange barrels.

It makes it way more likely both you and those working on the road will make it where you want to go.


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