When returning to social life, please behave appropriately

Many people have been largely cooped up at home and restless for more than a year. Cabin fever has taken on a new meaning, as the possibility of a return to nearly “normal” prompted hope for travel and activities that were simply not possible this time last year. So we can be forgiven if we are a bit more jubilant in our adventures than we might have been in the past.

What we cannot do is lose our heads and behave in a way that sends us a few steps backward.

That is precisely what happened last month in Ohio when Kings Island amusement park was forced to shut down early after a large group of teenagers became unruly.

“The safety of our guests and associates is always our top priority,” a statement from Kings Island said. “… The decision was made to close the park 30 minutes early due to unruly behavior and altercations …”

While this incident involved primarily juveniles, there have been other reports of adults behaving badly, as they re-enter social and recreational situations.

Case in point, we’ve seen several incidents across the country of fans at sporting events — as event venues are once again allowing full capacity or at least close to it — who have either disrupted the contests themselves by stupidly running onto the court or field, or by throwing items at or purposefully spilling food and drink on players.

For goodness sake, folks, don’t ruin this for the rest of us. Parents, talk to your kids. If they are old enough to be out unsupervised, remind them of how to behave. And adults, if you are truly incapable of returning to social situations without creating a problem … stay home.

The rest of us are just as excited about having social lives again as you are.


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