To stop scammers, remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is

Times are tough enough without scammers trying to make a quick buck off of those looking for a lifeline.

The Better Business Bureau issued a recent warning about scams relating to COVID-19 government relief programs and vaccine efforts.

One scam involves the promotion of non-existent funding opportunities and government grants via social media. Victims who try to apply find have found their social media profiles hacked, or personal information from their accounts stolen.

Another involves the newly released COVID-19 Funeral Assistance program from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In that one, scammers make contact with people and offer to “help” those who want to apply for the $9,000 payment by registering them for the process.

FEMA, however, will not reach out to individuals who have not already applied for assistance. A third scam purports to offer “exclusive rewards” for taking a survey related to vaccines.

Those surveys have linked to trial offers asking for banking or credit card information and are not legitimate, the BBB noted.

All those scams are a good reminder to be aware and be wary of offers that sound too good to be true. When in doubt, don’t click a link or provide personal information.


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