Removal of Maryland’s state song was needed change, not ‘cancel culture’

Do you know what the Pennsylvania state song is? It’s “Pennsylvania.” It was adopted in 1990, and it replaced “Hail, Pennsylvania!”

If you can’t sing a line from “Pennsylvania,” don’t worry. It’s hardly as recognizable as “Here Comes the Sun” or “Like a Rolling Stone.” In fact, about the only state song that can be readily hummed by the average music enthusiast is “Georgia On My Mind.”

For the last 82 years, Maryland’s state song has been a ditty called “Maryland, My Maryland,” but that is likely to soon come to end after lawmakers there have signed off on a measure repealing its status as the state anthem.

There have been cries of “cancel culture,” and there are no shortage of legitimate examples nationally, but c’mon — a song that characterizes Abraham Lincoln as a despot and decries “Northern scum” is more than a bit musty.

Consigning “Maryland, My Maryland” to history should have been done a long time ago.


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