Allowing transgender athletes in women’s sports defeats purpose of Title IX

As one of his first official acts since assuming the presidency, Joe Biden signed an executive order declaring that females are not equal, at least those who are biologically female.

OK, nothing he signed used those exact words. But his proclamation will have that effect.

On the day he took office, Biden overturned a Trump administration ruling that said Title IX — the sweeping 1970s education act whose most notable impact has been on girls and women’s sports — did not apply to transgender persons.

Biden says it does, and in doing so undermines both a complaint being heard by the federal Department of Education and, more important, a case in federal court, both filed by — wait for it — young women who have been harmed by transgender athletes — who are biologically male — competing in girls sports, where they have a higher likelihood of winning.

You don’t think there’s a disparity between men and women? It’s all in men’s heads? Then why are the number of times women have won against men measurable on two hands?

Sure, those of a certain age remember Billie Jean King besting Bobby Riggs — nearly twice her age, and largely out of shape by any standard — in tennis’ Battle of the Sexes. A few golfers have found success in PGA Tour events. And individually, a small number of women have succeeded in men’s sports such as baseball and football.

But, track and field? Swimming? These are sports where the differences of those who were born male and those born female become impossible to argue against. And these are the sports — running in particular — where the most harm is being done.

CNN political analyst Salena Zito, who also writes for the Washington Examiner, spoke to Alanna Smith, daughter of Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Lee Smith, as to why this is unfair (Alanna Smith is a co-plaintiff in the federal lawsuit filed with two other Connecticut high school runners).

Smith said: “There is simply a biological advantage that males have over females … I have a twin brother who is an athlete but does not run competitively for his sports. We raced against each other recently, and he beat me. Not because he trained harder, but because there are biological and physical advantages boys have over girls …”

Since 2017, two transgender athletes have won 15 girls state championships in track in the Nutmeg State. The best biologically female runners — the ones who are challenging this misguided policy — usually finish third. There goes her scholarship.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki — an elite high school athlete in Connecticut (and a scholarship athlete in college) before this became a thing — recently ducked the question at a press conference.

Of course. It’s more important to toe the party line than do what’s right. It’s a shame first lady Jill Biden isn’t a real doctor — then she could explain biology to her husband and his press secretary.


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