Post Office’s work is too important to receive anything less than full funding

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have come to rely more than ever on the United States Postal Service. But the postal service has, in recent weeks, become notably less reliable.

Customers in this area and around the country have found that bills, packages, Christmas cards and medications have been late in arriving and some magazines are weeks overdue.

The Postal Service has issued pleas for patience, since it has been dealing with unprecedented volumes of mail at the same time thousands of employees have been sidelined because of COVID-19.

This also follows cost-cutting measures instituted over the summer by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Delivery of the mail will become speedier again as the glut of mail from the holiday season is cleared.

But the incoming Biden administration should make fully funding the U.S. Postal Service a priority. No one in America should have to worry about the medications they need on a daily basis sitting undelivered at their local post office.


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