Everyone working in health care industry is deserving of our thanks and praise

People in our health care industry — not just the doctors and nurses, even though their work is vital — but anyone who works to support the industry deserves the highest of commendation.

While it’s easy to see what a nurse or doctor does to save the life of a critically-ill patient, the truth is it would be difficult for those important people to do their important work if it wasn’t for the other important people who make the hospital run — those who answer phones, those who keep the place clean, those who maintain all the systems and fix things when they are broken, those who handle the billing, those who prepare and serve meals to patients, visitors and staff and others in jobs too numerous to mention here.

We are glad the frontline workers are getting recognized as much as they are. Frankly, they were deserving of it before there was even such a thing as COVID-19.

But don’t overlook the support positions. Those people play a vital role, too. And while they aren’t at quite as much risk as the frontline workers, they are certainly at much higher risk than the average person while performing a job that likely cannot be done remotely.

We thank everyone who makes our local hospital run. We take for granted it will be there if and when we need it, but that we do so is a testament to your hard work and sacrifice.

Thank you, for all you do for us and our frontline heroes.


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