Even now, America’s peaceful transition of power is still a sight to behold

Today is a day in our nation that — despite the unrest and events of the past few weeks — is still a remarkable sight to behold and still an example for the world.

For today, as one president’s term ends, another’s begins. And America will move forward as it always does.

We are disappointed President Donald Trump will not be there, although we acknowledge that is likely for the best given all that has transpired. Vice President Mike Pence will attend, however, serving as a representative of the outgoing administration, which is important. It shows that the new president’s term is not one of a hostile takeover, but one borne from the electoral process.

Even if one acknowledges the legitimate problems that existed with this election — not some of the conspiracy theories peddled on the internet, but legitimate concerns such as whether election law was followed properly in Pennsylvania — the fact is whatever problems there were, it was not enough to change the outcome.

We also acknowledge the presence of more troops today in our nation’s capital city than at any point most of us can remember and why their presence has been deemed necessary. But we believe their “show of force” will be a strong deterrent to anyone who has thoughts of repeating what happened two weeks ago at the very same spot where the inauguration will take place.

Make no mistake, though. Despite the high-alert security and the seemingly-endless political division, what happens at noon today is not common around the globe. We are still the world’s example to follow for self-government. As the outgoing VP watches from mere feet away as his successor and the new president take their oaths of office, it will be cordial and professional on the steps of the Capitol.

We hope, even if you don’t like Joe Biden and wish he was not about to become our president, that you can at least appreciate how special Inauguration Day is and can feel glad you live in a country where such an event can happen.

It is a day to celebrate as Americans, that commitment to our free nation is enough to bind us together, even if not much else seems to right now.


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