Toomey, Rendell join forces in support of term limits for Congress, Senate

Pat Toomey and Ed Rendell both understand term limits — in fact, Toomey has upheld campaign promises with self-imposed term limits in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Rendell — a former Pennsylvania governor and Philadelphia mayor — was term limited in both positions.

On Tuesday, the duo joined forces to promote term limits as a requirement for Congress — something the people of the United States clamor for, but the folks using the federal government as their personal ATMs dismiss.

“If our time in public service has taught us anything, it’s that Pennsylvanians will never hesitate to tell you where they stand. Our state is full of passionate people on both sides of the aisle and that diversity of opinion is undoubtedly one of our strengths. But in these partisan times, it’s easy to forget that Republicans and Democrats still have a lot of common ground. We share many of the same frustrations and hopes. And we all seek to solve problems through our government,” the joint statement reads.

“To that end, we believe the time has come for big, structural change in how Washington, D.C. does business. Congressional term limits, more than any other change, would do a world of good to restore the trust many people have lost in our leaders. We aren’t alone in feeling this way. A 2020 poll showed that four in every five Pennsylvania voters — regardless of party affiliation — favor term limits on members of Congress.”

The argument against term limits is seemingly moot, because the dire outcomes predicted by the anti-limits faction are already the case: legislative polarization, reduced voter turnout, more partisanship, no reduction in campaign spending, among others. Since these problems exist without limits,what would it hurt to impose them?

Pennsylvania, like the presidency of the U.S., has a term-limited governor. Anyone who’s toiled in this state over the past six months knows how reassuring that is.

Toomey and Rendell believe that term limits would would embolden members of Congress to cast votes based on conscience rather than maintaining incumbency. That’s something we definitely need. But it will take a magnificent effort, knowing that the current occupants of the capitol will go to any effort to maintain power.

“Realistically, there is little chance Congress will propose imposing term limits on itself,” the statement says. “We can only get it done if the Pennsylvania General Assembly calls for an amendment-proposing convention to term limit members of Congress. That is an idea whose time has come and it is one we enthusiastically endorse.”

Hear, hear.


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