MCSD doing right by public with its open communication

If you’ve read our opinion page for any length of time, you know we like to call out public institutions when they are operating — or at least attempt to operate — with as little public oversight as possible.

But we also want to point out when one of them is doing right by you, the taxpaying public.

In this case, that’s the Mifflin County School District.

The MCSD administration has done well to balance the public’s right to know how pervasive COVID-19 is among those associated with the school district — students, faculty, staff, bus drivers, coaches, etc. — with the privacy of health information of those who have been infected.

Superintendent James Estep and Chief Operations Officer Vance Varner have been very public about what the district is doing, letting us know when people test positive — as you read in today’s edition — and making sure students and parents are taking remote learning seriously because the day may come that the district has to go fully remote for at least a period of time.

Honesty from those in charge allows parents to make the best, most informed decisions about how comfortable they are with their kids in school, playing sports, participating in clubs, etc.

Has every decision the district has made been a good one? Of course not. No one is perfect, especially when there is no recent precedent for what the world is going through now.

But we think the district is doing what it can to keep us in the loop as things evolve, and that’s really all we can reasonably ask.

We hope MCSD will continue its policy of open communication at a time when it is needed more than ever before and that other public entities will follow their lead and do the same.


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