Fred Keller is the one who will continue to represent our values in Washington

As the election nears — in fact it’s exactly one week from today — most voters who haven’t already are getting down to deciding who they’re voting for.

And while the presidential election often takes all the oxygen in the room, there is more on the ballot than just determining who sits in the White House for the next four years.

Specifically, one race we wish to focus on is the one for our region’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, the person who will take our concerns directly to Washington on behalf of all of us in the 12th District.

Currently, that person is Fred Keller, who stepped in to fill most of the term Tom Marino was elected to two years ago after Marino resigned.

We wholeheartedly endorse Keller and his candidacy for another two years in Congress.

Keller has routinely advocated for lower taxes, fewer job-killing regulations on local businesses and has been a staunch ally of our local agriculture industry. Keller has stood up against those in Congress like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and many of her liberal Democratic allies who seem to only want to grow the size of government and give it more control over our lives.

He has also been among the loudest voices fighting against the arbitrary restrictions placed upon many of our state’s industries by Gov. Tom Wolf that have gone too far for too long and have made it too hard for too many to make an honest living.

He has been a champion of the commonwealth’s booming energy industry, which provides many good-paying, essential, family-sustaining jobs that drive Pennsylvania’s economy.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Keller is from our area — Snyder County to be exact. He knows what people in this region go through because he’s from here.

He wasn’t born into privilege. He graduated from a public high school in Shikellamy and spent his early post-high school years working at Conestoga Wood Specialties in Beaver Springs. He knows what blue-collar workers — like so many of the people who live in this region — go through because he used to be one himself.

Simply, Rep. Keller has been an asset to our region and the 12th District at large and holds the same values most in our area do. We need him to be the flag-bearer for those values in our nation’s capital.

It’s why he has won our endorsement and why we urge you to cast your ballots for him next Tuesday.


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