MCHS MiniTHON team deserves our highest praise for job well done

In a year unlike any other most everyone has ever seen, it seems like arguments and discord are just par for the course.

But one of the things we feel safe in stating is that we can all agree cancer is a terrible thing, especially when it attacks children who haven’t yet had the chance to live a full life.

Anything that helps us treat it, assist families fighting it or provide research that will hopefully someday yield a cure it is a worthwhile investment.

We are supportive of anyone giving of their time and effort to donate even a single dollar toward the cause, which brings us to a group of students at Mifflin County High School — the MiniTHON team you read about in Thursday’s Sentinel.

This group of young people took it upon themselves to start an event modeled after the Penn State/IFC Panhellenic Dance Marathon, commonly known as THON, that would raise money for the same charity that THON beneifts — the Four Diamonds Fund.

These kids sought sponsors and donations. These kids sold items and held fundraising events. These kids planned one big bash in March that would be their final push, only to have the coronavirus pandemic get in the way of that — as it had for everyone and just about everything else.

They set a goal of $8,000, which would have been worthy of praise had it been just that. Once it was clear they would blow right past that mile post, they raised it to $12,000. That proved insufficient as well. The final total was an impressive $13,491.06 donated to an organization that fights pediatric cancer and helps families dealing with it.

How could this county be anything but proud of that?

We want to applaud each of them. Congratulations to captain Holden Yocum, Jordi Attick, Coletta Beeler, Hannah Bender, Gracie Brittain, Hayley Corson, Blane Dickson, Kirsten Druckenmiller, Ethan Eichhorn, Gianna Hoppel, Zoey Johnson, Audrey Jordan, Bryn Kanagy, Josie Kibe, Caitlyn Kick, Abby Moon, Madison Myers, Lacy Norman, Kylie Rank, Lily Riden, Trent Shade, Leesha Shilling, Zandra Stauffer, Mallory Weston, Grace Wilson, Gabby Wolfkill and Madison Yoder.

We commend you for your selflessness and salute you all for a job well done “For The Kids.”

But want to know the best part? They’re just getting started.

This was the first year an event such as this has taken place at Mifflin County, but it won’t be the last. The team may be a bit different next year as seniors have now graduated and others step up to take their place, but the goal remains the same — eradicate pediatric cancer.

We urge anyone with the ability to do so to donate, help in some way or do both. To see how you can make next year’s event even bigger, email mcminithon@mcsdk12.org and tell them you want to help.


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