Slow down when driving through winter weather

As the first bouts with winter weather get underway, inevitably the number of calls for accidents and crashes our first responders must answer increases.

And while there are plenty of cases of the crash being unavoidable due to poor road conditions, the fact is that many accidents are at least partially caused by drivers going too fast for conditions.

It doesn’t take a foot of snow on the ground to make travel hazardous. All it takes is one slick spot you don’t see before it’s too late, and the next thing you know, you’re colliding with a guide rail, jersey barrier, embankment, wall or even another vehicle.

It is why it is imperative when the weather turns poor that you allow extra time to get wherever it is you are headed and that you travel at a slower, safer speed while getting there.

For anyone who has lived in Pennsylvania (or, really, anywhere in the Northeast) for any lengthy period of time, dealing with snow, sleet and freezing rain is just part of the deal during the winter months. It’s easy to think that just because you’ve managed to avoid driving incidents in past winters that you’ll be able to do so again, so you leave your guard down. But the moment you allow yourself to think “it can’t happen to me,” that’s when you become most susceptible to finding yourself skidding off the roadway out of control.

So, if you find yourself driving as sleet or snow or whatever else is falling from the sky, please do us — and yourself — a favor and slow down.

Because when it comes to arrivals, the old saying is true — better late, than never.


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