Make your opinion count – literally – by voting

Today is Election Day. That means it is one of a few opportunities for the people to have the power, instead of those who are chosen to represent us in government.

And elections like today’s, even though they may not be the “sexiest” in terms of entertainment value, are vitally important.

Today we will choose those who serve in our local and county government, in addition to choosing some statewide judges. While most people know who the president of the United States is at any given time, sadly, many people don’t know who their local elected officials are, even though it is the local people who will likely have the most tangible impact on your lives.

And while many candidates claim to be the voice of the people, elections are the only way to hold the powerful accountable.

So, we urge you to get out and make your voice heard. Your local polling place is open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Make it a point to stop by and cast a ballot if you are registered to do so.

Voting is the only way to make your opinion count — literally.