Goose Day is a good day for the Juniata Valley

On Sunday, another Goose Day came and went in the Juniata Valley. And while plenty of people out there took the opportunity to eat some goose — which, according to legend means they won’t want for money all year round — there are plenty of others who haven’t yet gotten in on the fun.

Goose Day was successful, just as it is every year, thanks in no small part to the work of the Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau, the backing of local government and community leaders and the willingness of local business owners to promote the event.

Much like what Groundhog Day has blossomed into for the small Jefferson County town of Puxsutawney, Goose Day has the potential to be that type of economic boon for our area — and to earn our area the same type of national recognition.

But most importantly, Goose Day each year represents a chance for our region to come together to celebrate a tradition that is uniquely our own. And while this year it was enjoyable as it always is, we know that the more folks who embrace the tradition, the better it will be.

So, for those of you who joined in Sunday, we hope you enjoy your year free from financial worries. And to those who missed out, we hope you will be inspired to participate next year as we observe another Goose Day here in the Juniata Valley.


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