US needs to be vigilant for attacks during presidential transition period

Leaders of other countries were not the only people overseas watching the U.S. presidential election last week. Many of them are concerned with maintaining good, if not friendly, relations with us.

But others monitoring our leadership have no such desire. All they want to do is kill as many Americans as they can.

They are leaders of terrorist groups such as the Islamic State, al-Qaida, the Taliban and dozens of other similar organizations.

One of the most secure military posts in Afghanistan is Bagram Air Base. On Saturday, a terrorist bomber penetrated it, killing four people and wounding 18 others. Americans are among those using the facility.

Was the attack a preview of what is to come during the next several weeks? Perhaps.

Terrorist leaders have heard President-elect Donald Trump’s talk about using new tactics and strategies to defeat them. They do not know precisely what he has in mind. That means they may have a small window of opportunity, until after he takes office, to do as much damage as possible.

Will they pursue that short-term strategy? How successful would it be?

The Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security and the White House need to be ready for any eventuality.

Part of the transition to a new president needs to be guarding Americans and our interests against all those who may see the change as a warning their time on the offensive is limited.