Don’t allow divisive campaign to keep you from voting today

Congratulations to you all. You’ve made it to Election Day. It hasn’t been easy, especially with the seemingly never-ending stream of negative campaign ads bombarding every television program you try to watch. But today is finally the day.

It would be hard to blame anyone for feeling turned off by the whole process. The constant barrage of messages telling you why Candidate X is a terrible leader, politician or human being and that Candidate Y is corrupt, temperamentally unfit to serve and the cause of every bad thing that has ever happened to our country is enough to make anyone want to throw up their hands, say “enough already” and then choose to stay home today.

If that describes you, we respectfully urge you to reconsider.

We’ve heard from numerous people that they aren’t thrilled with the choices with which they are presented, most often when it comes to the presidency.

But even when faced with a “lesser of two evils” kind of decision, wouldn’t you at least want to have a say in which one ultimately gets picked?

And even if you aren’t particularly enamored with either of the two major party nominees for president, there are plenty of other important races to be decided today.

Here in Pennsylvania, one of our two seats in the U.S. Senate is up for grabs and whichever candidate prevails could ultimately determine whether Democrats or Republicans have a majority in that chamber for the next two years.

We will also be choosing who will represent us in the U.S. House, who will represent us in the Pennsylvania House and who will serve us in recently rocked-by-scandal row offices like attorney general and treasurer, in addition to auditor general and deciding a ballot referendum on raising the mandatory judicial retirement age to 75.

We know it’s been rough. We know many of you are likely fed up with the whole process. But if you don’t vote, you’ll be leaving very important decisions about who governs us totally in the hands of others.

So please make it a point to visit your local polling place today and cast that ballot. You may or may not be happy with the outcome, but no matter what, you can at least have a clear conscience knowing you did your part.