Obama misplaces trust again, this time with China

Politics has made stranger bedfellows under President Barack Obama than at any other time during recent memory.

He insists he trusts Iran to put its nuclear weapons plan on hold, despite evidence Tehran already is cheating on its promise to do so.

Obama has normalized relations with Cuba, even though that country’s leaders continue to condemn this country and have shown no sign of relaxing their iron grip on the island nation.

Even Islamic terrorists are getting a break through Obama’s campaign to close the detainee center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, despite bipartisan opposition in Congress.

And now, Obama plans to continue devastating U.S. industries, particularly mining and electric utilities, by pushing ahead with a climate change deal with the Chinese. He sealed the deal last week with an accord calling for both countries to reduce carbon emissions.

This is the same China that has launched cyber attacks on U.S. businesses, is building illegal military bases in the South China Sea and continues to use unfair business practices to damage American companies.

Yet Obama trusts China to uphold its end of the climate change pact.

By the way, his chosen successor, Hillary

Clinton, wants more of the same.


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