With God’s help, giants fall

Greetings of love, friends! In recent days, I’ve had the blessing of starting a new Bible study, as you may have seen already. What an honor. What a gift these dear people are to me! We are learning to be “giant slayers,” as we study the story of David and Goliath.

Louis Giglio is the author of the book, “Goliath Must Fall.” What a gift this man has of writing in such profound, yet simple ways. For me, this is the secret to most of the giants we struggle with…it’s the simple things. The way to deal with giants is to be straightforward and David certainly was! He simply came forward to fight that giant in the name of God, and what I know is that God will not be mocked. Plain and simple faith. David claimed he would slay the giant in the name of his God and he did! I see this in my own life and I pray you see it in yours as well. Any time we take a stand for Jesus before a watching world filled with doubt and fear, He WILL defend His honor. Praise God, He does!

Often in life, we are hit with major giants, aren’t we? May I tell you that they are slain in that same, simple way of trusting God to win the battles, rather than we ourselves. Giglio says that when we stare at our giants for very long, they only grow bigger and bigger. But, the moment we turn our gaze from the giants to the Lord, hope enters in. We learn slowly, though. We believe that we can fight these battles on our own, in our own strength. Remember what David told old Goliath? He said, “This battle belongs to the Lord.”

Somehow, we want a miracle, a supernatural answer to our problems, while we are operating in the flesh. That’s gotta change!

The theme of this book seems to be to focus on worship. What? Yes, because when we begin to worship the Lord for who He is to us, we begin to take our eyes from ourselves to Him. We begin to see that though life is hard, God is big! Goliath may be big, but not as big as our Jesus!

Recently, I had an MRI. Before entering the “tube,” the tech asked me if I’d like to listen to some music? Are you kidding me already? Absolutely, YES! As I lay there, trying to not hear all the banging and clicking, I began to listen to the music…all those wonderful hymns of old. They began to soothe my soul with the words “I come to the garden alone (I feel so alone in this tube), while the dew is still on the roses. And the joy I hear, falling on my ear (joy?), the Son of God discloses and He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.” Tears began to roll ever so gently down my cheeks…not tears of sadness, but with a full heart, I entered into worship right there in the midst of all the noise. You see, in that loud quiet place, just Jesus and me, I could pull myself away from the burdens of life, and focus on Him. Once I could focus on Jesus, everything else fell by the wayside — Jesus and me — in that tube. What a blessing! What joy! I felt I could stay there all day (It helped because the person caring for me was so very sweet)! This, dear friends, this is where the worship begins! When we let all else behind to focus on the goodness of God in our lives, we begin to realize just how very good He truly is! It changes EVERYTHING! In the name of Jesus, we watch our giants fall!

I’ll just say that I’ve had many raging giants in my own life over the years. Not a single one of them fell because of me. Only in the power of God. Only because of the resurrected Jesus! You see, as Jesus hung on that cross for each of us, every single sin we committed in the past, or the present, or even in the future, were covered by His atoning blood. The sacrifice He made on Calvary is the healing balm for our souls. Have you accepted Jesus? Can you say that you know for certain that you are covered by the blood of the Lamb? THIS is where the healing begins!

God has blessed me abundantly, though I am so undeserving of all His many gifts. I long to serve Him all the days of my earthly life, so that any glory, all glory due His Holy name, is seen. There’s a world watching, friends. They are watching us to see if our faith is real, or are we simply giving God lip service?

I challenge you today, enter into a time of worship daily. Fall on your knees before Almighty God and worship Him in holiness. Tell Him, thank Him, for all He is in your life — for all He’s done. Maybe you want to tell Him, “Lord, You are my Strong Tower, my Shelter from the Storm, the great I Am, my Savior, my Father, my Lord. You are the Lamb of God, the Bread of Life, Healer of my heart…could you go on for five minutes? Try it! I can say with assurance, if you begin to give God the praise He is worthy of, your perspective on all those giants that torment you day and night, will be gone. All giants will fall. Praise His Holy Name! Thank You, Jesus!

Lord, we are so human, and so prone to do life without You. May we be struck in fresh ways just Who You Are? May we worship You in holiness, with sincere hearts full of the praise You deserve. May the giants fall. In the precious name of Jesus! Amen!


Debby Renninger is a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. She holds a Bible study in her home in McVeytown, where seeking women are always welcome. She may be reached at (717) 250-7086 for speaking engagements.


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