We are God’s children; Have a heart of thanks

Ephesians 2:10

“For we are God’s workmanship, His masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things Hr planned for us long ago.

Good morning and God bless all of you reading this short word of encouragement. Read it, receive it and go and bless your household. Take it into the marketplace and bless those that you meet. Greet them with a smile in your eyes. This is the day that God has made for us. What we do with it is our choice. Let’s praise the Lord individually and then together. Let’s choose well.

We can be a blessing wherever we go. Let’s choose a heart of thanksgiving and that means we choose God’s way. We choose life.

God put a song in each of us. When we say “yes” to Jesus, we become brand new. We are God’s workmanship. He says we are the top of the line. Wow! Our purpose is our song and in His word we read that He sings over us in the night hours. He keeps filling us with His love. Now we can go out and do more of those things that please his heart. I can “see” the smile in His eyes. He loves us just because! We do not do the good things to save us. Saying “yes” to Jesus’ sacrifice at Calvary took care of the saving part.

We do the “works” of faith to please Him and to grow in Him. We become His “can do” kids. I just love that phrase. “Can Do!” Yes, I can do all things through Christ and that makes me stronger and more mature as the days go by. In Christ. For Christ. Following Christ. It doesn’t get any better than that dear hearts. Well, Heaven is much, much better, but for now, we get to be who we are in Christ right here on planet Earth.

Sing your song. Somebody is waiting to hear it. Sing it out! Do the “works” He planned for you long, long ago. Don’t be afraid. God gave you that certain something that a certain someone needs. Go for the gold. Full steam ahead. Keep pressing in, advancing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Become more alive than ever. You can do it!

Let’s sing with Him. Here is a song I sing often and with my eyes smiling at Him and His eyes smiling back at me.

Chorus: “You are the words and the music

You are the song that I sing

You are the melody

You are the harmony

Praise you Your name I will bring

You are the mighty God

You are the Lord of Lords

You are the King of all Kings

Now I return to You the song that You gave to me

You are the song I sing”

It’s a lovely chorus. If you don’t know it, make your own “tune.”

Now, remember no one will love us the way that He does and I love you, too.


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