Church speaks out on racial discrimination

LEWISTOWN — In response to the ongoing racial conflicts and the recent death of George Floyd and others, the Lewistown Presbyterian Church states they believe it is of great importance to stand together in solidarity with all people of color who have felt discrimination in our nation.

Pastor Sarah Sedgwick said, “It feels like right now in our country anything we talk about becomes political. We have lost that ability to be able to just talk about things and be human. If you have been trying to figure out words to try to express maybe our statement will help you as an individual to be able to articulate how you feel.”

Lewistown Presbyterian Church states the following:

“At Lewistown Presbyterian Church, we affirm that all people are beloved children of God. We make every effort to provide a space of inclusion and well-being inside our church and in our community. We promise to speak the truth in love towards any person or group that hurts a human being based upon their skin color, so that we can participate fully in the dismantling of centuries-old racism. We may live in a fearfully dark time, but we have faith that heeding God’s call will bring us all to a brighter future. Christ says, ‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.’ This includes ending racism, so that people of different races treat each other with dignity, respect and equality, just as they would want to be treated. We call all people to love one another, stop conflict with others and end racism in our country.”

Sedgwick said, “Maybe you can read these words and embarrass them as we have embarrassed them. We should all be able, rather it is racism or any other issue, to make some sort of public statement that isn’t divisive but that helps us speak what we believe into a situation and that is what we have tried to do. Here at the Presbyterian church we are trying to be faithful to what we believe which has been revealed to us through Holy Scripture. So wherever someone finds their moral compass or code of living then how do you live that out?”

The Lewistown Presbyterian Church hopes to inspire those in our communities to look for ways to speak truth and kindness into situations of controversy without fighting and hurtful conflict.


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