Allow Him to love you

I once heard someone say he had learned to judge a man by what was in his soul and not be his outward appearance. By appearance. I am not spectacular but inside of my, Wow! If you could see the heart of me you’d see Him. Jesus. The lover of my soul. So that you can know more of what makes me tick, I want to share a part of my soul with you. And yes, I know, it’s not about me, but I want all of you to know me better. So I will start with the words of a song. Those of you who really know me are probably thinking, what else is there? I’d love to sing it to all of you, but for now let the words soak deep down inside of you where the living waters flow.

“Bring me the broken, make me healing oil. Bring me the broken, Lord I know that’s what you made me for. Let me lift up, life up the bottle and the wipe of their tear stains away. Bring me the broken, I want to start their miracle today.”

When I first heard the words of this song my heart absolutely melted. How perfectly they spoke of what God had put in my heart, my reconditioned heart. God has so lovingly allowed me to share a part of what He feels which makes me more aware of the hurts and the needs of people. God’s grace for me and upon me has helped me to look beyond outward appearances that would make it so easy to sit in judgment. His mercy toward me has helped me to look into their souls. To see into their hearts. Past the facades. Past the cover-up and the hurry-up. I look deep into their eyes that truly are the mirror of the soul. I have found I only need to tune in on His wave length. He wants all of us to see and feel what He sees and feels. He’s real and He helps me to be more real. So day by day He begins to fill me with His compassion until I overflow with it. Then the following happens. I lay hands on people. Thank You Jesus for the privilege. Then I love on them. Praise God from whom all blessings low! It is all about Him and what He wants. There are times I am so overwhelmed. I hug them and wish that a kiss would wash all their hurts away. Do you remember when your mother would bandage your scraped knee or elbow and kiss your heart away? My mother would then sing this song to me. I can still hear her wonderful voice so many years later. Listen, she is singing through me:

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Now He is my sunshine. I can hear my Father say so clearly to let His Son shine through me. And by His Spirit It happens. Change takes place and He shines and His reflection can be seen on my face. By His Spirit it happens. Thank you Holy Spirit. Change me more. I need it. Change me, change me! Yes! It’s renewal taking place. Transformation! His mercies are new every morning. I’m a living testimony of His faithfulness. I want His love flowing through me so fully that when I touch them, they’ll feel His touch. And when I I love on them, they’ll feel His love. And then when they look at me, they’ll see His face shining through me and upon me. And then His sacrifice on the cross will become more real, and we’ll get a fresher look. We’ll begin to see the cross the way God intended it to be years later He still doesn’t regret Calvary.

What is my message this Christmas season? Simply this; allow Him to love you so deeply that His love becomes your breath. Go on. Breathe him in. Now hold it. Have you ever been so filled? Let His presence be your everything. Your meat and drink. He’ll all we need. We’re full. We’re replete. We’ve never been so satisfied. It’s His love. It’s all about Him and His unending, unconditional love. He’s the real deal. In this holiest of seasons let His love so overwhelm you that it spills out of you only everyone you meet. Don’t let it stop by let it continue flowing all year long. And not just only ones who are easy to look at and easy to love, and not just onto ones who smell nice and are easy to embrace. Just look at them with His eyes of love. See the way He sees. It’s possible you know. As a believer, we can see through His eyes of love because He’s in us. We have a fullness of the Godhead. We’re complete. One big Christmas package all tied up with a beautiful bow and filled with His wonderful fragrance. We’re the biggest and the best fruit basket of the season. Look out! The first big fruit is called Love and it activates of the others. Look now! Here comes Joy and Peace. Now he rest are following. We’re finding we’re more patient and we’re softer and kinder. More tolerant. Not of sin but of each other. So this Christmas let’s determine to spill love onto everyone we meet. Just do it. Go ahead! And you’ll see that it works just just like he said it would.

I love all of you and I pray His blessings upon you and your families. So come now, let’s all adore Him. Sing it softly with me.

“O, come let us adore Him! O, come let us adore Him! O, come let is adore Him, Christ the Lord!”


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