Event Date: July 19, 2020, 2pm to 3pm

BOALSBURG — The Pennsylvania Military Museum is hosting an online lecture, Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord, from 2 to 3 p.m. Sunday. The last major engagement between U.S. forces and the People’s Army of Vietnam, the battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord lasted 23 days, from July 1 to 23, 1970, though troops were inserted during the month of March. Casualties escalated quickly, companies and platoons shrank with few replacements sent in.

Fifty years later this battle continues to be of interest to veterans, historians, and the public alike.

Author of the book, “Remembering Firebase Ripcord” Chris Brady draws on two-hundred veteran recollections to give due respect to the battle and its veterans.

Brady serves as managing editor at The Standard-Journal newspaper in Milton. He has authored three Vietnam-era books and contributes weekly veterans’ stories to the newspaper, most of which have been compiled into collections. Sales from those books benefit local veterans’ organizations in Central Pa.

The lecture will be moderated by museum administrator Tyler Gum. After the presentation, a brief Q&A will take place. The online lecture will utilize the Zoom platform.

Presentation is offered at no cost to attendees. Donations are appreciated. Limited space available, registration required.


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