‘Riparian Buffer Month’ declared

Juniata County Commissioners highlight importance of trees along waterways

MIFFLINTOWN — To highlight the importance of trees along the waterways, the Juniata County Commissioners proclaimed October “Juniata County Riparian Buffer Month” during their regular business meeting Tuesday.

Nancy Crago, a member of the Juniata Watershed Alliance, joined the meeting via video conference to speak about the alliance and some of the activities for the celebratory month.

Crago said the alliance manages about 15 acres of buffers through the efforts of volunteers in the Riparian Rangers program.

The program, part of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, assigns rangers to forest buffers that the volunteers visit monthly during the growing season.

According to the alliance website, during each visit, rangers complete hands-on tree care tasks to ensure the trees’ survival and riparian buffer success.

Crago also said the Juniata County Watershed Alliance was involved in community outreach over the past summer and in the Snyder-Juniata County Kids’ Enviro Camp held in Richfield in August.

The alliance also held a river clean-up with help from the Juniata High School football team.

Team members planted trees and cleaned the area around the pedestrian bridge connecting Mifflin and Mifflintown. Volunteers also pulled about 125 felled trees from the Juniata River.

According to Crago, the alliance will plant some trees at the Juniata Christian School buffer area later this month.

Anyone wishing to volunteer with the Riparian Buffer Program can visit their website at juniatawatershedalliance.wordpress.com or call (717) 205-7860.

The Commissioners also took the following actions during the meeting:

¯Approved the “Security Microfilm Program Disposition” Agreement between Juniata County and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to move the storage of the County’s microfilm from Iron Mountain to the Pennsylvania State Archives as recommended by Alicia Seigler, register and recorder;

¯Approved the tax exonerations for Fermanagh Township as per the material provided;

Approved the Juniata County Hazardous Materials check No. 1396 in the amount of $120.00 – Susquehanna Fire Equipment Meter Service;

¯Approved the Community Development Block Grant-IDIS check submitted by the Juniata County Planning and Community Development Department, check No. 1276 in the amount of $15,493.00 – SEDA-Council of Governments project costs; check No. 1277 in the amount of $1,260.00 cb3 Solutions, LLC project costs;

¯Approved the “Purchase of Service Agreement” between Juniata County on behalf of Children & Youth Services and Brittany Shetter, Esquire for Guardian Ad Litem services at an hourly rate of $75 — the term for the agreement is Sept. 30, 2021, through Dec. 31, 2021;

¯Approved the “Purchase of Service Agreement” between Juniata County Children and Youth Services, the Juniata County Probation Department, and Adelphoi Village Inc. — the agreement shall be in force and effect from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022;

¯Reviewed Sept. 2021, departmental reports: “Sheriff’s Monthly Report” as submitted by the Sheriff’s Office; “Children and Youth Statistical Report” as submitted by Ashley J. Baxter, Children & Youth Director; Tax Claim “Cash Report” for the second quarter of 2021 as submitted by Brenda J. Varner, Tax Claim Director; “Summary of Collections Report – Fines and Costs” as submitted by Jacqueline T. Leister, Magisterial District Judge; “Disbursement Summary Report” as submitted by Tracy Powell, Magisterial District Judge; “Change in Assessment Report” as submitted by the Juniata County Assessment Office;

¯Approved payment of checks No. 62557 – No. 62605 in the amount of $161,840.66;

¯Granted authority to the Juniata County Commissioners in their capacity as members of the Juniata Valley Behavioral & Developmental Services Joinder Board to adopt the “2020-2021 Human Services Block Grant Program Reimbursement Cooperation Agreement” during an official Juniata Valley Behavioral & Developmental Services Joinder Board meeting.


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