Bartos meets with Mifflin County GOP

BURNHAM — Jeff Bartos, candidate for U.S. Senate says he will fight for Main Street Pennsylvania, if elected in 2022.

Bartos made a campaign stop at Birch Hill Event Center on Tuesday to meet with members of the Mifflin County GOP as part of a 67-county, 12-day tour of the state.

The Republican candidate hopes to take the seat held by Sen. Pat Toomey, who is not seeking reelection.

“I knew that I had to bring that fight for Main Street Pennsylvania, for rural Pennsylvania, for the forgotten towns and the forgotten women and men and the working families to the campaign and to the United States Senate as Pennsylvania’s next Senator,” he said.

“Elected officials think of Pennsylvania as two giant cities with a lot of farm land in between. I know Pennsylvania as 67 remarkable counties with remarkable people who have poured their hopes and dreams into making the Commonwealth into everything it could be.”

If elected, Bartos said he will fight to beat China “in this existential fight to see who will lead the world in the 21st Century.”

He also hopes to restore that American dream for future generations.

“To me, that’s very personal when I think about my girls and their ability to live their lives with freedom and dignity and live according to their values.”

Bartos was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in 2018, and Scott Wagner’s running mate.

If elected, Bartos pledged to not serve more than two terms.

“When I get down to Washington with your help and support, no one will fight harder for rural Pennsylvania. No one will fight harder for Main Street Pennsylvania,” he said. “I’m a private sector business owner. I’m a proud small business owner. I love my family. I love my community, I love my businesses and when I’m done serving for you with all of my energy and passion and heart, I will go back to running my businesses.”

Over the last 14 months, Bartos led an effort — known as the 30-day fund — to raise funds to help save small businesses that were struggling due to the pandemic.

“That effort has raised $3.6 million and helped over 1,000 businesses keep the lights on. It has saved thousands of jobs for working families,” he said.

Bartos and his wife, Sheryl, reside in Berks County. Together, they have two daughters Emily, 19, and Sarah, 21.

Also speaking were Commonwealth Court Judge Andrew Crompton, of Montgomery County and state Rep. John Hershey.


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