Death counts remain low in local counties

From staff reports

Case counts remain low in three out of the five local counties but the death count has remained low in all five, according to data released Thursday by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

In Mifflin County, there were four new cases reported in addition to one new death. Mifflin County has a total of 4,607 cases and 170 deaths so far. There are 3590 people fully vaccinated, meaning they have received both of the required doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine or have received the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. There are 3,866 people who have been partially vaccinated meaning they haven’t yet had a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

Juniata County reported three new cases and no new deaths. There have been 1,830 cases and 81 deaths so far in Juniata County. There are 1,611 people fully vaccinated and 1,804 people partially vaccinated.

In Snyder County, were five new cases reported with no new deaths. The total count so far is 3,057 cases and 80 deaths. There are 2,505 people fully vaccinated and 3,118 people partially vaccinated.

Huntingdon County reported a high number of 30 new cases but no new deaths. There have been 4,255 total cases and 124 deaths so far in the county. There are 3,3309 people fully vaccinated and 3,678 people partially vaccinated.

Perry County reported 12 new cases with no new deaths. The total in Perry County is 2,918 cases and 85 deaths so far. There are 1,618 people fully vaccinated and 2,268 people partially vaccinated.

Currently there are four COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Huntingdon County and two COVID patients in the adult intensive care unit. There are no COVID patients on ventilators to assist with breathing in Huntingdon County. In Mifflin County, there are four COVID-19 patients hospitalized, four patients in the adult ICU, and no COVID patients using ventilators to assist breathing according to the health department.


Mifflin County: 4 new cases; 4,607 total; 1 new death, 170 total; 3,590 people fully vaccinated, 3,866 people partially vaccinated

Juniata County: 3 new cases, 1,830 total; no new deaths, 81 total; 1,611 people fully vaccinated, 1,804 people partially vaccinated

Snyder County: 5 new cases, 3,057 total; no new deaths, 80 total; 2,505 people fully vaccinated, 3,118 people partially vaccinated

Huntingdon County: 30 new cases, 4,255 total; no new deaths, 124 total; 3,309 people fully vaccinated, 3,678 people partially vaccinated

Perry County: 12 new cases, 2,918 total; no new deaths, 85 total; 1,618 people fully vaccinated, 2,268 people partially vaccinated


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