Brown Township sends letter to local borough

Officials express feelings on MABL situation

REEDSVILLE – Brown Township became the latest municipality to express their feelings on the situation involving the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Lewistown and Lewistown Borough Council.

Brown Township, like many other municipalities, is urging Lewistown Borough Council to restart talks to create a county-wide municipal authority instead of retaining control over the current makeup of the board of MABL.

The letter’s full text appears below in italics.

To: Members of the Lewistown Borough Council

Re: Municipal Authority Change

Over a year has passed since we sent our first letter to you outlining our concerns about the changes you had made without the input of the municipalities. We weren’t consulted, advised, instructed or even respected enough to receive the courtesy of a response. We are hopeful for a better outcome this time.

Brown Township stands united with the other municipalities in Mifflin County in our call to the Lewistown Borough Council to hear our collective voice. We ask that we be involved in decisions that affect our constituents. We ask that we have a vote in matters that affect our residents. In short, we ask to be able to represent our constituents as were elected to do.

Curiously, not too long ago, you established a new committee that included representation from the municipalities. We were glad to see you take such a positive step but then, without warning, you took the representation of all the municipalities away. You took this action, again, without the input, knowledge or support of the municipalities. Why?

So, here we are with a second letter. In this letter, we simply urge you, for the good of Mifflin County, to hear us and to make things right. A simple thing we urge you to do, but a very important thing to do, as you can see from all the outcry in the community. We urge you to bring the appropriate representation of all the municipalities back together at the table where they have a voice and a vote. Possibly, with our collective knowledge and experience, we could actually even be of some help.

After all, it is at the local level that we work together best. We have had to work together in order to survive.


Kay A. Hamilton, Chairman

James K. Peachey, Vice Chairman

Scott A. Pecht, Supervisor


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