Single-digit case counts reported in 4 of 5 counties

Huntingdon County sees spike of 31 new cases

From staff reports

Single-digit counts of new COVID-19 cases were reported by four of five local counties on Friday, according to data released by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The health department said nine new cases were reported in Mifflin County, for a new total of 4,519. No deaths were reported Friday. Mifflin County has had 166 residents succumb to the virus. A total of 1,601 people are fully vaccinated in Mifflin County, meaning they have received both required doses. There are another 4,582 who have been partially vaccinated, meaning they have only received one dose so far.

In Juniata County, a total of seven new cases were reported, bringing the total to 1,789. While no deaths were reported Friday, there have been 80 so far in Juniata County. In the county, 682 people are fully vaccinated while 2,259 are partially vaccinated.

Snyder County reported nine new cases for a total of 2,946. Two deaths were reported, making that total now 78 who have died of the virus in the county. There have been 1,256 who have been fully vaccinated and 3,519 who have been partially vaccinated.

Huntingdon County reported the biggest local jump. There were 31 new cases reported there, making the total now 4,135. No deaths were added to the total of 119 so far. In Huntingdon County, 2,103 have been fully vaccinated while 3,506 are partially vaccinated.

In Perry County, five new cases were reported, making the total 2,285 so far. One new death was reported, the 82nd so far in the county. A total of 805 have been fully vaccinated in Perry County while 2,073 have been partially vaccinated.

In Mifflin County, 10 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized with one in the adult intensive care unit. Huntingdon County has just two COVID-19 patients with none in the ICU. Neither county reports any COVID-19 patients currently using a ventilator to assist with breathing, according to the health department.


Mifflin County: 9 new cases, 4,519 total; no new deaths, 166 total; 1,601 people fully vaccinated; 4,582 partially vaccinated

Juniata County: 7 new cases, 1,789 total; no new deaths, 80 total; 682 people fully vaccinated; 2,259 partially vaccinated

Snyder County: 9 new cases, 2,946 total; 2 new deaths, 78 total; 1,256 people fully vaccinated; 3,519 partially vaccinated

Huntingdon County: 31 new cases, 4,135 total; no new deaths, 119 total; 2,103 people fully vaccinated; 3,506 partially vaccinated

Perry County: 5 new cases, 2,825 total; 1 new death, 82 total; 805 people fully vaccinated; 2,073 partially vaccinated


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