Mifflin County Property Transfers

Mifflin County Deeds

¯Jo Ann M. Noerr and Joann M. Noerr to Scott A. Noerr, Ellen J. Noerr and Noerr Family Trust, $1, Oliver Township.

¯Kaiser LLC to Hilton Land Development LLC, $10, Derry Township.

¯Brookfarm Leasing LLC to Justin B. Mast, $275,000, Oliver Township.

¯Walter Dobozynski Jr, William E. Wright and Do-Right Partnership to Rufus D. Peachey, Nannie L. Peachey, Omar D. Peachey and Esther A. Peachey, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Omar Peachey and Esther A. Peachey to Rufus D. Peachey, Nannie L. Peachey, Omar D. Peachey and Esther A. Peachey, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Snedeker Stores LLC to RGRK Properties LLC, $195,000, Derry Township.

¯Melissa L. Wagner, Melissa L. Basom and Brandon Basom to Brittiani A. Everts, $95,000, Lewsitown Borough.

¯Susan M. Pecht to Corey S. Hower and Autumn D. Kessler, $93,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Craig E. Rothrock and Chelsea Rothrock to Michelle R. Rishel-Haubrick, Michelle R. Rishel Haubrick, Michelle R. Rishel and Michelle R. Haubrick, $67,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯David J. Yoder and Anna N. Yoder to Jacob B. Yoder, Veronica N. Yoder and Jonathan E. Yoder, $1, Armagh Township.

¯Joan C. Zampelli and Joan A. Zampelli to Brandon M. Johnson and Kira R. Jerzerick, $250,000, Derry Township.

¯Kenneth L. Sowers and Natalie A. Sowers to Christine A. Solouff, $1, Derry Township.

¯Alice E. Long and Agent Linn E. Irvin to Trustee Linn E. Irvin, Trustee David A. Long, Alice E. Long and Alice E. Long Real Estate Protector Trust, $1, Brown Township.

¯Stephen A. Busch and Shelley M. Busch to Anthony R. Schifano and Miranda I. Schifano, $99,500, Burnham Borough.

¯Stanley E. Eby and Irene K. Eby to Michael T. Carothers and Tammy J. Carothers, $130,000, Union Township.

¯Matthew C. Deckman, Karen Chandler Deckman, Michael J. Zannino, Patricia A. Zannino, Mark L. Deckman, Dawn M. Deckman, Jeffrey S. Deckman and Linda K. Morgan to Matthew C. Deckman, Karen Chandler Deckman, Michael J. Zannino, Patricia A. Zannino, Mark L. Deckman, Dawn M. Deckman, Jeffrey S. Deckman and Linda K. Morgan, $1, Armagh Township.

¯Daniel N. Peachey and Nancy L. Peachey to Joshua B. Yoder and Anna J. Yoder, $210,000, Menno Township.

¯Mark A. Laird Sr., Rochelle J. Laird, Paula E. Earnest and Roy S. Earnest to Roy S. Earnest and Paula E. Earnest, $1, Derry Township.

¯Mary Kay O’Connor to Thomas N. Brannan and Clair E. Havice, $159,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Dale D. Vaughan and Rose M. Vaughan to Vaughan Irrevocable Trust, Trustee Dale D. Vaughan and Trustee Rose M. Vaughan, $1, Wayne Township.

¯Denise A. Brittain to Michael A. Brittain and Kristain Brittain, $1, Granville Township.

¯Melanie D. Branche and Melanie D. Vaughn to Shannon R. Denault, $1, Derry Township.

¯Victor J. Vazquez, Erika Figueroa-Guzman, Erika Figueroa and Erika Figueroa-Guzman to Erika Figueroa-Guzman, Erika Figueroa-Guzman and Erika Figueroa, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯Jason A. Lightfoot and Elizabeth A. Lightfoot to John Lee Thorton Jr., $45,000, Granville.

¯Douglas A. Bohn and Stephanie A. Bohn to Thomas J. Heller, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯Ronald L. Gore to Dustin Lee Miller, $57,000, Brown Township.

¯David L. Bolger Jr. to John Fletcher Wagner, $2,300, Juniata Terrace Borough.

¯John Medvidovich to Brianna M. Sheeder, $1, Wayne Township.

¯Lester S. Miller Jr. to Trustee Lester S. Miller Jr. and Lester S. Miller Jr. Revocable Trust, $1, Granville Township.

¯MMRE Holdings LLC to Mifflin Holdings LLC, $91,000, Derry Township.

¯Daniel E. Hostetler and Franey J. Hostetler to Batbara L. Hostetler, $1, Brown Township.

¯Ronald E. Walters, Anna L. Walters, Danny L. Hackenburg, Marjorie L. Hackenburg, Peggy S. Stine, Michael J. Stine, Joseph R. Hackenburg, Patricia A. Hackenburg and Brenda K. Crosson to Brenda K. Crosson, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯Tatarattaboom LLC, David E. Harshbarger and Susan Jane Delano to Casstead Farms LP, $470,000, Oliver Township.

¯Keith G. Ranck and Donna J. Ranck to Terry K. Ranck, $1, Wayne Township.

¯Roy A. Bucher and Stephanie M. Bucher to Timothy S. Hook, $168,500, Derry Township.

¯Mifflin County Tax Claim Bureau, Orpha G. Kemmler and B. Monte Kemmler to Nicholas Krowchena, $1,500, Newton Hamilton Borough.

¯Mifflin County Tax Claim Bureau, Bradford Monte Kemmler, Orpha G. Kemmler, Richard G. Kemmler and Patricia G. Kemmler to Tony Sovinski, $1,600, Newton Hamilton Borough.

¯Mifflin County Tax Claim Bureau, B. Monte Kemmler and Orpha G. Kemmler to Nicholas Krowchena, $7,200, Newton Hamilton Borough.

¯Henry Glen Bonson, E. Ellis Bonson, E. Benjamin Bonson and Francis A. Bonson to Francis A. Bonson and Justin R. Kisch, $1, Armagh Township.

¯Nina L. Colabine to Megan E. Kahley, $1, Burnham Borough.

¯Marlin L. Zook, Pauline L. Zook and Pauline L. Zook to Kevin J. Zook, Annie Zook, Jason L. Zook, Katrina Zook, Jesse M. Zook and Irene H. Zook, $1, Oliver Township.

¯Joshua D. Yoder and Rebecca M. Yoder to Marvin D. Yoder and Lydia E. Yoder, $1, Menno Township.

¯Diane M. Yoder, Samuel J. Yoder, Betty A. Ross and George W. Ross III to Ben R. Peachey and Susie A. Peachey, $148,500, Menno Township.

¯Monica J. Miller and Monica J. Maxwell to Dawn M. Adams and James M. Adams, $112,000, Oliver Township.

¯Evelyn M. Birch to Cathy J. Walker, Alan K. Birch III and Margaret A. Yetter, $1, Derry Township.

¯DGB Properties LP, Berks Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Steven T. Kramm and Karen P. Kramm, $243,500, Derry Township.

¯John O’Conner and Mary Kay O’Conner to Ryan E. Reichenbach and Heather C. Reichenbach, $100,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Ronald A. Traxler, Susan Shehan and Darrel L. Traxler to Ronald A. Traxler, $1, Granville Township.

¯Sharon E. Klinger to Jeffrey D. Mohler, $15,000, Derry Township.

¯Daniel D. Yoder and Nancy R. Yoder to Penn Haven Properties LLC, $19,000, Granville Township.

¯Fisher and Thompson LLC to Mr. Milking It LP, $1, Union Township.

¯Executrix Susan F. Chapman and Donald M. Chapman Jr. to Susan F. Chapman, $1, Bratton Township.

¯Susan F. Chapman to Donald M. Chapman III, $1, Bratton Township.

¯Robert K. Randle to David L. Wallace and Dona L. Pendleton, $39,500, Armagh Township.

¯Dennis L. Ross Jr. and Misty L. Ross to Travis E. Dobson, $80,000, Armagh Township.

¯Colleen Danner to Daniel A. Dubois, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯John R. Peachey and Katie P. Peachey to Noah F. Yoder and Barbara C. Yoder, $1, Menno Township.

¯Troy Clark and Kimberly A. Clark to Kimberly A. Clark, Derry Township.

¯Dennis G. Hassinger and Mary Ann Hassinger to Zachary K. Hassinger, $55,000, Armagh Township.

¯Samuel A. Trego and Sarah I. Trego to Tonnya E. Sullivan and Donald D. Sullivan, $9,800, Lewistown Borough.

¯Charles R.Kauffman and Charlene L. Metzger to Larry Eddinger and Gladys Eddinger, $110,000, Derry Township.

¯Morgan J. Detwiller, Morgan J. Peachey and Joshua R. Detwiller to Holly J. Yoder, $138,000, Union Township.

¯Tina L. Campbell to Lukas K. Rhodes, $55,000, Burnham Borough.

¯Barnard T. Griffith and Louie V. Griffith to Cindy L. Krishak, $177,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Aaron J. Neuharth and Michelle A. Neuharth to McVeytown Presbyterian Church, $1, Oliver Township.

¯Glenn E. Bitting, Phyllis M. Bittingand Mark E. Bitting to Zachary J. Knepp, $130,000, Derry Township.

¯David W. Yoder, Sara A. Yoder, Sara Yoder, Marlin J. Yoder, Julia Yoder and Julia A. Yoder to M. Jeremy Yoder and Lois M. Yoder, $1, Oliver Township.

¯Stanley K. Clemens and Darlene A. Clemens to Brian R. Clemens, David K. Clemens, Christopher W. Clemens and Jamon M. Handcock, $1, Wayne Township.

¯David W. Yoder, Sara A. Yoder, Sara Yoder, Marlin J. Yoder, Julia Yoder and Julia A. Yoder to Roy Galen Groff Jr. and Majorie A. Groff, $1, Oliver Township.

¯John F. Spagnoletti and Mary R. Spagnoletti to Susan R. Spagnoletti, $1, Burnham Borough.

¯Randall Chilcote and Randall J. Chilcote to Falcone Rentals LLC, $35,000, Granville Township.

¯Bruce Squier to Earl Richard Clouser III, $2,000, Burnham Borough.

¯Albert Russell Frankhouser Jr. and Judy Ann Frankhouser to A. Russell Frankhouser and Michele L. Frankhouser, $1, Brown Township.

¯Albert Russell Frankhouser Jr. and Judy Ann Frankhouser to A. Russell Frankhouser and Michele L. Frankhouser, $1, Brown Township.

¯Amanda N. Maines, Amanda N. Leitzel and Stephen Leitzel to Luz Valerie Andujar, William L. DeJesus-Rivera and William L. DeJesus-Rivera, $169,000, Derry Township.

¯Stanley C. Goss to Amy Jo Campbell, Christie Ann Simonetti and Tammy Lynn Brought, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Joshua T. Finkle and Erin M. Finkle to Joshua T. Finkle and Erin M. Finkle, $1, Wayne Township.

¯Marilyn A. Spangler to James E. Zook and Margery A. Zook, $30,000, Armagh Township.

¯Matthew A. Renno to Mark J. Fisher and Rose M. Fisher, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯Ronald R. Romej and Mauren R. Romej to Jared Michael Lynch and Stephanie K. Lynch, $299,500, Derry Township.

¯Nicholas Yoder Estate, Dennis K. Yoder and Dale R. Yoder to Nicholas Lynn Yoder, $28,500, Menno Township.

¯Donald C. Corbin and Joyce L. Corbin to Donald L. Logan and Michelle L. Logan, $1, Derry Township.

¯Kyle D. Pannebaker and Katherine G. Pannebaker to Kyle D. Pannebaker and Katherine G. Pannebaker, $1, Union Township.

¯Trustee Kenneth L. Kline, Trustee James W. Rothrock, Trustee Michael S. Richard and Church of God Lewistown to PTV 1040 LLC, $65,000, Derry Township.

¯Caleb B. Bush to Jonathan R. Bush and Jeannie M. Bush, $100,000, Burnham Borough.

¯Susan M. Hendricks and John H. Hendricks to Rodney W. Goss, $1, Juniata Terrace Borough.

¯Ty Anthony Ross to Ty Anthony Ross and Alexis O. Inzerillo, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Bonnie L. England and Bonnie L. Hensel to Joseph W. Osborne, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Tyde M. Snook and Brandi H. Snook to Anthony D. Shearer, $100,000, Brown Township.

¯Jason M. Yoder and Kristina E. Bonson to Ray L. Yoder and Darlene M. Yoder, $1, Union Township.

¯Ray L. Yoder and Darlene M. Yoder to Mark W. Zigler and Cathy M. Zigler, $240,000, Union Township.

¯George L. Boggs III to Christina Dressler and Randy Dressler, $68,000, Granville Township.

¯Thomas H. Wismer Estate and Executor Timothy H. Wismer to Mark R. Baker, $15,000, Granville Township.

¯Melissa M. Rhodes, Melissa M. Worthy and Roy H. Rhodes Jr. to Roy H. Rhodes Jr. and Melissa M. Rhodes, $1, Wayne Township.

¯David J. Byler and Kathy L. Byler to Andrew A. Martin and Crystal K. Martin, $387,220.76, Union Township.

¯Rose Marie Kline and Gloria Crosson to Christopher R. Stewart, $1, Derry Township.

¯DGB Properties LP, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Home to Nazir A. Memon and Nora G. Orito, $228,000, Derry Township.

¯John C. Geibel to Kristen L. Zylstra and Jonathan L. Geibel, $1, Burnham Borough.

¯Martha J. Foltz Estate, Executor Mary Ann Reed, Executor Thomas D. Foltz, David E. Foltz, Thomas D. Foltz and Teresa A. Foltz to Thomas D. Foltz, $1, Granville Township.

¯Matthew Parkes and Olivia Wagner to Kelly J. Smith, $78,000, Brown Township.

¯Thomas Moore and Rhonda Moore to Keri A. Heimbaugh, $122,500, Lewistown Borough.

¯Brandon J. Basom and Melissa L. Basom to Michael C. Lucas and Danielle L. Lucas, $35,000, Granville Township.

¯Joseph Pannizzo, Guiseppe Pannizzo, Frank Pannizzo and Giuseppe Pannizo to Frank Pannizzo, $1, Derry Township.

¯Frank Pannizzo and Angela Pannizzo to Lorena O. Iacobone, $1, Derry Township.


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